Celebrating the Co Tu cultural festival


(QNO) - The third Co Tu cultural festive night has just been held with the participation of Co Tu artists from Dong Giang district.

Hơn 20 nghệ sỹ Cơ Tu đã trình diễn trong lễ hội lần này
Over 20 Co Tu performers attend the festive night

At 17:30, the delegation performed the traditional Tang Tung Da Da dances at the An Hoi Statue garden. Then, they paraded through the old streets in the exciting sounds of drums and gongs to the Precious Heritage Museum on Phan Boi Chau street at 19:00.

Trình điễn vũ điều tâng tung da dá tại các tuyến phố Hội An
Traditional Tang Tung Da Dadance.

On this occasion, the Co Tu ethnic people introduced and sold their agricultural products and handicrafts such as pepper, chili, beans, honey, and brocade.

Lễ hội đã mang đến một không khí khác lạ cho di sản Hội An
The Co Tu cultural festival made Hoi An ancient town a unique atmosphere.

French photographer Réhahn, who gave the ideas of Co Tu culture propaganda, said it was a way for Hoi An people and tourists to access to the Co Tu ethnic culture. He shared that it was the start of an internationally acclaimed, one-of-a-kind and unique festival.