CHIA – A happy family for unfortunate children


(QNO) - An Australian woman has come to Vietnam to take care of disabled children, to establish a scholarship fund to help poor students, etc. Ms. Robyn Morly, the founder of Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA)  has been bringing happiness and hope to many unlucky children.

Disabled children at the CHIA office in Hoi An city
Disabled children at the CHIA office in Hoi An city

A family of disabled children

The small office of CHIA (located at 460 Cua Dai street, Hoi An city, Quang nam province) becomes the familiar physiotherapy destination that Mrs Huynh Thi Xi and her son (Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city) has frequently visited for 3 months. Xi’s son (3 years old) cannot move because of his cerebral palsy. Her son’s health has been improved so much. Now, his neck is able to move, which makes her very happy.

At present, twelve disabled children are doing physiotherapy exercises at CHIA from Monday to Friday weekly. CHIA also sends technicians to the families living in remote places to instruct the techniques of physiotherapy treatment at home.

This is one of the  programs that have been carried out by CHIA in the past ten years, including health care, disability support and educational scholarship for children in Duy Xuyen, Que Son, Thang Binh districts, Dien Ban town and Hoi An city. During 10 years, thousands of children have been treated, given medicines and nutrition. 25 houses have been built or repaired. 179 wheelchairs have been offered to the disabled. Hundreds of poor students have had opportunities to continue their study from elementary school to university by CHIA’s scholarships.

Mrs Robyn Morly (first from left) at a charity fundraising event in Australia
Mrs Robyn Morly (first from left) at a charity fundraising event in Australia

The most important and precious thing  that CHIA hopes is bringing a real bright future to children. During 10 years of going with disadvantaged children of this Central province of Vietnam, witnessing their growth, CHIA feels so happy and seems to be encouraged.

The warm heart of an Australian woman

Before establishing the CHIA Foundation, Ms Robyn Morly spent 5 years working at an orphanage in Hoi An city.  She loves Quang Nam and regards it as her second homeland.

Since the first days of founding CHIA, Robyn Morly has spent most of her time meeting and helping children. She has mobilized her friends and relatives in Australia to help money for nonprofit activities in Vietnam. The CHIA office has really become the home for all the disabled children. Quang Nam and the children here are Robyn Morly’s choice for the rest of her life.