Chua Cau plate


Chua Cau (Japanese Bridge) is considered as a symbol of Hoi An ancient town. The wooden plate that is decorated with the image of Japanese Bridge, hence Chua Cau plate, was recognized as a provincial 3-star OCOP product in 2019.

Mr. Phan Xuan Nguyen and a Chua Cau plate
Mr. Phan Xuan Nguyen and a Chua Cau plate

The original plate is fathered by Mr. Phan Xuan Nguyen from Kim Bong carpentry village. The first Chua Cau plate was introduced to the public in June 2018. It becomes a local typical product and quickly becomes a souvenir popular with visitors.

The plate with the image of Japanese Bridge in Hoi An was a significant souvenir Hoi An gave to its sister city- Wernigerode city (Germany).

Chua Cau plate is made of jackfruit wood or acacia wood; so, it is rather cheap, about VND 300 thousand a plate.

According to Mr Nguyen, the Chua Cau plate has gone to several places in the country. He tries his best to raise the level of this product from 3 stars to 4 stars this year.

The plate is always improved and it is expected to become an indispensable souvenir for visitors to Hoi An.