Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village


Pottery can be seen everywhere in a neat little in Thanh Ha village (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province). Pottery making has been transmitted over generations by Thanh Ha artisans.

Foreign tourists are impressed by the techinique of making pottery in Thanh Ha village.
Foreign tourists are impressed by the techinique of making pottery in Thanh Ha village.

There are many tourists coming to Thanh Ha pottery village everyday. They feel pleased to experience in making ceramic products by themselves. Visiting Le Quoc Tuan’s  pottery shop, Natali- an English tourist said she had a special feeling in Thanh Ha, a quiet and nice pottery village. She had a good chance to experience the hand-made making process. 

According to artisan Le Quoc Tuan, a perfect ceramic product has been gone through dozens of steps, from making soil, shaping, decorating, drying to the kiln, which are meticulous and time – saving. “In the past, artisans only made jars, vases and household items. Now, we - the young generation make art pottery to serve tourism, to live and to develop”, Tuan said.

Thanh Ha pottery passed hundreds of golden years but fell into disfavour with modern ones. Fortunatedly, this pottery village is located in Hoi An ancient town. Mr. Nguyen Hao - Deputy Manager of Thanh Ha pottery village said, to meet the demand for tourism development combining the merchandise-based trade, the pottery village creates three main product lines including traditional products, souvenirs and handicraft products. The village has 33 establishments with more than 80 employees now. The number of tourists to Thanh Ha village has increased and local people have been able to rely on tourism.

Leader of Thanh Ha ward desires to expand the scale of production of the village linking to the ecotourism area. This will create a breakthrough,  attracting more visitors.