Determination to win Covid-19


Quang Nam province has strictly implemented several methods to prevent the epidemic spread.

The place for supported food and necessities in Dai Loc
The place for supported food and necessities in Dai Loc

Dai Loc district (Quang Nam province) is one of the localities with Covid-19 cases.

So, the places where the Covid-19 cases were found have been disinfected and isolated. Social distancing has happened in the district. People going into and out of Dai Loc all get body temperature measurement.

The hamlets in Dien Ban town in danger of Covid-19 spread have been isolated. People returning from Covid-19 regions are required to fill out the health declaration form.

Tien Phuoc detected a positive female case of Covid-19 on August 4. She was sent to hospital immediately. All the people in a near contact with her have been carried to a concentrated isolation area in the district.

The others related to her have been quarantined at home. Besides, those who return from Covid-19 areas are all required to fill out the health declaration form and to quarantine themselves at home.

Tay Giang is a mountainous district of Quang Nam province. Although there is now not any positive case of Covid-19 in the district, leaders and people of Tay Giang are attempting to carry out the tasks of Covid-19 prevention and control, especially along the border of Tay Giang – Ta Lum (Sekong, Laos).

Health declaration in Quang Nam
Health declaration in Quang Nam

Tay Giang authorities ask the residents to promptly notify them of any illegal entries to control the situation. The border posts in the district keep strengthening patrols and control of blocking points, not allowing any illegal entry into the district.

Nui Thanh is a district with a lot of companies. In the complicated context of Covid-19, the district has actively operated the measures for epidemic prevention and control such as social distancing, hand washing with antibacterial sanitizers, wearing face masks in public areas…

There are also some temporary areas for quarantine set up in Nui Thanh to isolate the cases with the symptoms of Covid-19. Up to now, Nui Thanh has done the task of Covid-19 prevention and control well.

In Tam Ky city, people returning from Covid-19 areas have all filled out the health declaration form. Those who used to be in contact with Covid-19 patients have been tested and quarantined.