Development of Quang Nam silk


(QNO) - Ma Chau and Quang Nam silk is identified as the product of brand in Quang Nam province’s economic development strategy.

Quang Nam silk.
Quang Nam silk.

Through the 200,000 USD-project on supporting the development of Quang Nam silk product (May-November 2018), the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) supported Duy Xuyen district with silk weaving machines, designing the logo for Quang Nam silk, building its brand for Ma Chau silk products….

Local strength

According to Deputy Director of the Quang Nam’s Department of Science and Technology Le Thuy Trinh, Quang Nam province, especially in Vu Gia-Thu Bon area, was famous for mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing in the past. Its products were exported to Japan, India, Korea and China…

At present, Quang Nam province has developed policies to encourage and support local farmers to restore, develop  mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing. New technology in weaving and dyeing have been applied in production to meet the demands. A specific tradename has been created to widen its markets. The KIPO and KIPA have helped to develop this traditional product in the market based on Quang Nam’s strength.

Values promotion and exploration

Director of KIPO Park Si-young said the staffs of Ma Chau silk company were trained to use weaving machine equiped by the KIPO and KIPA. According to Director of Ma Chau silk company Tran Huu Phuong, silk products such as fabrics, scarves are now being produced. In the next time, Ma Chau silk will have large-sized patterns, helping save materials and labour cost.

Lee Jieun, CEO of Heritage Project (KIPA), said this image is printed on its package. It will be the highlight of the products for its softness, moisture as well as cultural identity. Silk products in Quang Nam have been certificated under the brand “Quang Nam”. According to Ms. Lee Jieun, the stylized circle embracing the stylized Q character, along with the lines expressing the natural origin of the material will hopefully contribute to strengthening trade promotion to attract investors.