Exhibition of Vietnam's national names and capitals


(QNO) - The exhibition under the theme of Vietnam’s national names and capitals in the past through the wood-block of Nguyen dynasty- a world's documentary heritage is taking place in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. It conists of 32 photos, materials, artifacts relating to the origin and the meanings of official national names and capitals of Vietnam in the dynasties of An Duong Vuong, Hung King, Pre-Le, Ly-Tran-Le, Gia Long, Minh Menh…

The exhibition attracts numerous visitors
The exhibition attracts numerous visitors

National name is the official name each country uses in diplomatic, legal, commercial relations. It expresses the national prestige and sovereignty, political institutions of a nation in the world. Since the establishment of the country, Vietnam has had its ups and downs with 10 changes of national name that were clearly written in the wood-block of Nguyen dynasty.  

The exhibition reappears a vivid picture of the Vietnamese building and defending their country. The changes of Vietnam’s national name expressed their aspiration and will of national independence and their pride of the people. The wood-block also contributes to honoring the values of Vietnam’s heritages recognized by the world.

This exhibition is especially being organized in the Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Week, and Hoi An- an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It helps people at home and abroad to approach to the heritage of Vietnam and to raise the community’s awareness of protecting and promoting the values of cultural heritage.

The exhibition takes place from Nov. to Dec. 6 at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden, Hoi An city.