Expansion of heritage space


(QNO) - Since Hoi An ancient town was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage in 1999, Quang Nam tourism has grown quickly. However, it is also a big challenge to Quang Nam.

Hoi An tourism space expanded to its suburb.
Hoi An tourism space expanded to its suburb.

In the first 8 months of 2019, the number of visitors to Cam Thanh nipa forest accounts for 95% of the target of the plan 2019. Thanh Ha pottery village also received a larger number of visitors.

Core role of Hoi An

Tourism helps improve local people’s income and life standard, contributing to the local socio-economic development. Cam Thanh village is an example. Thanks to eco-tourism in the Cam Thanh nipa forest, the residents here have stable income through providing tourist services. Besides tourism development, the locals’ awareness of environmental protection, local cultural value preservation and promotion for the local sustainable growth has increased.

According to statistics, the speed of Hoi An tourism growth is very quickly, about nearly 20% a year. Tourism in Hoi An does not just focus on Hoi An ancient town but expands to its suburb and rural areas, and neighbor districts.

Sustainable development

The trade name of Hoi An tourism is better and better known in domestic and foreign markets. The number of visitors to Hoi An goes up more and more, helping improve the local life. However, it also becomes a big challenge to Hoi An authorities and people. It is relating to the problems of natural and social environment, lifestyle and morality.

The expansion of tourism space in Hoi An to its rural areas and neighbours is obligatory and strategic. Besides reducing the pressure on Hoi An ancient town, it helps the city develop synchronously and harmoniously. The expansion also responds to the diversity of destinations in Hoi An and Quang Nam, exploiting provincial tourism resources effectively.

Since 2000, Hoi An tourism space has been expanded to its suburb and rural areas such as Tra Que and An My vegetable villages, Kim Bong carpentry, Cam Thanh agricultural tourism. Conservation and promotion of heritages have been paid more attention. A lot of local businesses have been established.