Fostering Vietnamese values


Ma Chau silk is selected for traditional Vietnamese designs by Y Van Hien Company that are attractive to lots of people.

Traditional costume designed by Y Van Hien
Traditional costume designed by Y Van Hien

Future written in the past

A cultural tourism programme under the theme of Traditional Vietnamese costume: Future written in the past that has been jointly held by Y Van Hien Company and TUI BLUE in Quang Nam attracts lots of people’s attention. The activity aimed to introduce and foster traditional Vietnamese values.

Besides traditional Vietnamese designs, there was a seminar on culture, ancient clothes and tourism taking place at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi AN (Tam Tien commune, Nui Thanh district).

At the seminar, Nguyen Duc Loc from Y Van Hien Company shared his knowledge of Vietnamese history and culture, which made the excitement of the programme.

According to Dieter Schenk, CEO of TUI BLUE, the programme was also a way to introduce Vietnamese cultural beauties to the world.

Via clothes, Y Van Hien told a historical story of the Nguyen Dynasty, which helped people understand more about Vietnamese arts, liturature, architecture, cuisine and traditional festivals.

Ma Chau silk

Another design by Y Van Hien
Another design by Y Van Hien

To make eye-catching outfits, Y Van Hien had to select materials suitable for the designs. And Ma Chau silk, a silk product made in Quang Nam was chosen. According to Nguyen Duc Loc, Ma Chau silk is well-known for its aesthetics and convenience.

Y Van Hien’s designs on Ma Chau silk were a harmonious combination between patterns, sewing techniques and 3D drawing, which made the ancient clothes more modern and suitable for contemporary life.