Give gifts and health care to Lao people


(QNO) - Free health care and gifts have recently been given to Lao people in Dak Cheung district, Sekong province (Laos) by the delegation of Quang Nam provincial Military Command, provincial Public Relations Committee, and Military Hospital 17 on the occasion of Lao traditional New Year Festival - Buon Pi Mai.

Medical examinations.
Medical examinations.

The gifts the delegation gave to Lao people include instant noodles, salt, salted fish, dried fish, canned fish, spice, and oil. Hopefully, these gifts can help the Lao here have a warm and happy New Year Festival.

In addition, the doctors from Military Hospital 17 and Infirmary CK42 (under Provincial Military Command) freely saw and gave drugs to over 700 patients. Over VND 200 million was spent on this programme.

The programme shows the solidarity and special friendship between two Parties, two countries (Vietnam and Laos) and two provinces (Quang Nam and Sekong), contributing to the maintaining of political security in the border area of Vietnam - Laos.