Green transportation in Hoi An


(QNO) - Green transport services are considered as a right direction to build Hoi An as an eco-city.

Electric cars introduced as means of transportation in Hoi An
Electric cars introduced as means of transportation in Hoi An

Put electric cars into operation

The pilot project of travelling inside Hoi An city by electric cars was approved by Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee in November, 2016.

The first phase of the project includes three fixed routes: Tan An ward – ancient quarter, stopping at Hoai River Square or in Hoang Dieu street; two other routes from Hoi An city center to An Bang and Cua Dai beaches, opening in 2017. All thirty transportation means used for this project must satisfy the conditions of technical safety and environmental protection. They are all also equipped with journey cameras. According to Deputy General Director of Hoi An Public Works Joint Stock Company Nguyen Quoc Tien, the solar cars can help reduce vehicle exhaust, making the environment clean and clear, fitting in with Hoi An’s policy of a motor-free city applied since 2014. Moreover, the experimental bus routes between Hoi An ancient quarter and its neighbours came into operation last year with the support of the Center for Action for Urban Development and Japan Fund for Global Environment.

Mr. Shinichi Mochizuki – representative of Japan General Association of Car Free Day and coordinator of European Traffic Week in Japan – talked about electric buses as the future major means of transportation  in Hoi An, an eco-city in the future, about the planning of the transportation network in the city. It is new experiences in Hoi An in particular and in Vietnam in general.

An experimental public bus in Hoi An.
An experimental public bus in Hoi An.

Green transportation

One of the efforts of Hoi An into green transportation is the Car Free Day firstly held on September 9, 2012. Hoi An is also the only city of Vietnam to organize this event annually. Besides, some games of green transportation have taken place by the Youth Union of Hoi An such as a contest of eloquence under the topic of Ideas on Green Transportation. In addition, the Hoianians are encouraged to use environmentally friendly transportation means, helping to protect the city’s environment from air pollution, contributing to the construction of Hoi An to become a cultural eco-tourism city.

The model of a cultural eco-tourism city Hoi An is pursuing is completely new nationwide. Green transportation is an important premise that is suitable for the strategy of the city’s development, for its natural and social conditions here.