Heritages adapting to climate change


Heritages is often easy to be damaged under natural and social impacts, especially in the context of climate change. The problem of adaption is necessary and needs solutions.

Hoi An in flood season
Hoi An in flood season

Fortunately, the heritages in Hoi An still suffer no harm after the severe natural disasters in October and early November. The safety of the heritages is a result of the annual restoration and preservation before the rainy season.

Besides, planting trees also contributes to the heritage protection because trees can help stop the wind.

People living in Hoi An are keenly aware of bad impacts of climate change on their lives. Therefore, they have responded enthusiastically to the plans and campaigns for climate change adaption.

According to experts, besides traditional experiences and methods of conservation such as termite control, repair, periodic maintenance, removing all harmful vines, it is necessary to digitalize the data on historical and cultural relics and natural landscapes so that the heritage management and information exchange become easier.

It is also important to apply science and technology in research, conservation and promotion of heritage values. Heritage conservation is a long-term strategy and the actions should be in detail so that the heritages can be well preserved.