Heritages go into school


(QNO) - It is highly appreciated and encouraged that heritage values have been taught at schools in Quang Nam province.

Students learn to draw My Son Sanctuary
Students learn to draw My Son Sanctuary

Students in Hoi An city and Duy Xuyen district have been taught the heritage history and values for several years. Hoi An has made a set of textbooks of cultural heritages that is used in local primary and secondary schools. Besides, there have been some outdoor activities in order to develop students’ awareness of heritage values, conservation and promotion.

In addition, students have attended some competitions such as Hoi An cultural heritage on the Internet, Students and heritages and environment, Hoi An youths and Hoi An cultural heritages. Through the events, students know more about the heritages. Meanwhile in Duy Xuyen, the project on the young with heritage conservation has taken place since 2004. 

Over 2000 brochures and textbooks have been printed for schools in order to increase the local youths’ awareness of environmental protection, heritage conservation and cultural preservation. Besides, there are contests of painting and writing about My Son, of tour guides for children.