Hoi An and festivals


The first Hoi An heritage food market was held at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden on December 28.

A participant at the event
A participant at the event

The event was aimed at introducing Hoi An specialties to visitors such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, steamed glutinous rice, Tam Huu (made up of three main ingredients: shrimp, pork and vegetables wrapped together).

The event took place under the theme of healthy food; so, the issues of food safety were focused.

At the “Hoi An heritage food market”, there were 9 stands from 8 famous restaurants in Hoi An including Santa, Little, Hoi An Chit, Au Viet A, Salt Pub, Xua&Nay, Shore Club and E Village.

The most interesting programme in this event was the cooking competition. Coming to the market, visitors could see the ways to prepare dishes. Local ingredients were also used in this event, especially several kinds of vegetables from Tra Que and Thanh Dong villages.

The event “Hoi An heritage food market” is one of the activities to welcome 2020 in Hoi An, which is well-known as the place of festivals.

It is reported from the Hoi An centre for Culture, Sports, Radio and Television that there are nearly 20 festivals in Hoi An a year.

Some major festivals in 2019 were the 20th anniversary of Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary recognised as UNESCO’s world cultural heritages and 10 years of Cham Islands World Biosphere Reserve, International Culinary Festival, International Choir Contest, Hoi An-Japan Cultural Exchange, Vietnam and World Silk and Brocade Festival and Lantern Festival.

Besides, traditional festivals annually take place in craft villages such as Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Cam Nam corn festival among others.

According to Hoi An leaders, festival is an indispensible part of Hoi An, through which the images and cultural features of Hoi An are introduced to the public. Besides, it is one of the factors that make Hoi An a famous destination on the world tourist map.

Food also contributes to the tourism brand of Hoi An. The events of Heritage Food Market and International Culinary Festival helped make Hoi An become an attractive destination to visitors.