Hoi An: Port city and connections


Hoi An port city is always attractive both in the past and at present.

Hoi An
Hoi An

According to Christoforo Borri- an Italian Jesuit missionary staying at Hoi An from 1618 until 1622, there were 60 sea ports along about 100 miles of the Central coastal region, among which Hoi An port was considered to be the most beautiful and attractive to a majority of foreign merchants.

Hoi An used to be an international trading port owned by the Kingdom of Champa; then it turned to Faifo- Hoi An, an international trading port of Dang Trong.

History shows that Cua Dai has always been playing an important role in Hoi An and Quang Nam for centuries. It is also a typical model of urban area in Southeast Asia.

Hoi An city was founded based on its advantages of geographical position where the marine roads of silk, ceramics and spice met. Merchants all over the world came to Hoi An to do business and many of them settled there.

The Hoi An trading port city is still well-preserved now. It is the exchange between indigenous and foreign merchants and people that makes Hoi An develop. It is a valuable lesson that all ports should pay attention to.