Hoi An typical foods


Hoi An is not only popular with its ancient beauty but also famous for a lot of food that is delicious but cheap.  Some of them are introduced as follows.

Photo: dulich.petrotimes.vn 

1. Chicken rice

Chicken rice is one of the typical dishes in Hoi An. It is mainly composed of cooked rice, chicken and herbs. These ingredients are chosen and prepared very carefully to have a delicious taste of the chiken rice.

2. Cao Lau

Photo: dulich.petrotimes.vn  

Cao lau is a typical food in Hoi An. It is prepared meticulously. Cao Lau noodles are made of rice that is soaked in ash water. Ash is taken from Cham Islands and water from Ba Le well. Cao Lau noodles are served with char siu-style pork and fresh vegetables.

3.Quang noodles

Photo: dulich.petrotimes.vn   

Noodles are made from rice. There are different kinds of Quang noodles named after the food they are served with, such as channa, pork and shrimp, beef, and frog. Other indispensable ingredients of Quang noodles are fresh vegetables, roasted groundnuts, fish sauce and grilled rice paper cake.