Indian helps with My Son restoration


(QNO)-The 2015-2021 project on restoration of My Son Sanctuary, a UNESCO’s world cultural heritage, costs VND 60 billion, 5/6 of which was sponsored by the Government of India.

Taciturn beauty of the Cham towers
Taciturn beauty of the Cham towers
Director of the My Son Sanctuary Management Board Phan Ho said experts from India and Vietnam approached to group A on April 28, 2020 after a long time of restoration.

Group A, covering an area of nearly 3000m2, is considered as the centre of the My Son world cultural heritage, surrounded by a 1m-thick brick wall. Although it was less damaged than others in the My Son Sanctuary, group A is seriously in ruins, especially temple A1.

According to the experts working there, temples A8, A10 and A11 will be restored first in order to get experience for the entire restoration, which is done under the principles of intact preservation. It is expected that there will be more secrets under the temple foots to be uncovered.

In 2017, an ancient alley and an old wall were found when groups H and K were restored. The alley was thought to be used by loyal members and religious dignitaries to go to the temples in the sanctuary.

Besides, a lot of valuable items were found such as two lion-headed human sculptures and terra cotta architectural artefacts dating back to the 11th - 12th centuries, the time of building group K.