Intelligent operations centre in Quang Nam


The Quang Nam intelligent operations centre is expected to be launched on October 1, 2020.

IOC helps monitor public administrative operations.
IOC helps monitor public administrative operations.

The intelligent operations centre (IOC) works as a place where the provincial data sources of all areas are saved and linked at 4 levels.

Thereby, it is easy to find and analyse the statistical indices of socio-economic targets, finance, local budget, dossier processing, reflections on administrative reform, and online public services.

Besides, IOC also helps synthesise the provincial healthcare and education data, facilitating the assessment of civil servants and services.

According to Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Ho Quang Buu, the governments at all levels are currently equipped with the software, they are not synchronously linked. IOC is a solution to this problem.

Tam Ky and Hoi An, pilot places

Mr. Ho Quang Buu
Mr. Ho Quang Buu

IOC not only helps local leaders in their management, operation, and evaluation of the quality of public services but becomes an interaction channel between authorities and people.

Via IOC, people’s ideas, reflections and suggestions will easily come to local leaders and be treated quickly. Therefore, both authorities and people are facilitated with IOC.

According to Mr. Buu, the data at IOC will be regularly updated thanks to data digitalisation by 2025 at the latest. It is known that every Vietnamese citizen will have an identification code on July 1, 2021. So, all the local residents’ information will be integrated and found on the IOC data.

However, the integration needs time; so, Tam Ky and Hoi An are the pilot places operating in urban security, environmental hygiene and food safety. Quang Nam residents can install the application by downloading it from Google Play or Apple Store.

People-centred system 

Quang Nam is now ready for digitalisation, for launching the intelligent operations centre. The apps are designed for people and for civil servants. All the activities of IOC are focusing on the people’s benefits and interests.

When IOC comes into operation, people can easily find the information they need there. Moreover, the local authorities can quickly access people’s aspirations, dealing with the information in time.

E-government and digitalisation is the target Quang Nam is making an effort to achieve in order to build an effective and transparent government, provide people with the best services, and improve the local competitiveness.