International workshop on training cooperation between ATEC and Laos, Thailand, Cambodia


(QNO) - On 10 March, an international workshop on training cooperation between the Association of Technology and Economics Colleges (ATEC) and Laos, Thailand. and Cambodia took place at the college of Technology and Economics of Quang Nam.

Workshop overview. Photo: X.PHU
Workshop overview. Photo: X.PHU

Professionals and managers attended the workshop to find solutions to the issues of management international training cooperation. This will help members of ATEC develop and integrate into the human resources training for the ASEAN Economic Community.

The professionals shared experiences in managing quality of schools, exchanged training programs of some majors, agreed to recognize training results. At the end of the workshop, ATEC and the representatives of these three countries signed a Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement.

Reportedly, more than 60 technology and economics colleges in Viet Nam are members of ATEC. In recent years, ATEC has participated in various models of educational cooperation with many international schools in Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.