Japanese in Hoi An


(QNO) - Many Japanese have chosen Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) to live and do their social activities.

Japanese and their organic products
Japanese and their organic products

Hoi An- the land of love

Genta Miyagawa and Kana Furuya met each other in environmental activities in Hoi An city. They then fell in love and decided to stay with Hoi An, the land of warm-hearted people. Both of them are Japanese. They were attracted by Hoi An city at first sight. Moreover, Hoi An seemed to be so close to them that they felt as if at home.

Both Kana and Genta love Hoi An and like to live here. As working for an environmental organization, Kana often organizes environmental activities in Hoi An, where she chooses to live. She wants to contribute to keeping the city green, clean and beautiful.

Love for Hoi An

Genta and Kana are among a lot of Japanese living in Hoi An. They are always attending community activities of environmental protection, heritage preservation and cultural promotion. The Vietnam-Japan cultural and artistic exchanges are especially regularly held, which helps the Japanese in Hoi An integrate more into the local community.

Genta Miyagawa in a movement of environmental sanitation on the Hoai river, Hoi An city
Genta Miyagawa in a movement of environmental sanitation on the Hoai river, Hoi An city

The Japanese people living in Hoi An are also very enthusiastic in charity activities. Reiko Usuda is an example. She’s lived in Hoi An since 2009. Along with her friends, Reiko has helped to process the local water system and better water quality in Hoi An. She’s also collected more than 10 thousand bikes to give to poor students in Quang Nam and Da Nang.

In addition, the Japanese have helped to preserve and restore the heritages in Hoi An. Thereby, the heritage souls, tangibly and intangibly cultural values of Hoi An have been maintained.

Besides making Hoi An more beautiful, the Japanese here help children with free Japanese courses, and provide safe organic products for the public.