"Kimchi culture" in Quang Nam


(QNO) - The Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An took place on October 12-13. The event aimed to help the locals and visitors with interesting experiences.

 Traditional art performances
Traditional art performances

Cultural exchange

In the Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An 2018, there were a lot of Korean cultural activities including an exhibition of cosmetic arts, performances on folk arts and Teakwondo, and a Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) show. It is a way of cultural exchange between Hoi An- Quang Nam and the nation of kimchi, contributing to enrich the cultural - artistic activities in Hoi An.

Hoi An has lately attracted more and more Korean visitors to Hoi An. The events of cultural and artistic exchange between Hoi An and Korea take place more frequently, which is very impressive and attractive to both the locals and visitors. It can be said that the Vietnamese youth has been addicted to Korean culture.

Besides, the event is a chance for Quang Nam and Hoi An to introduce their cultural characteristics, their potential and strength for the aims of investment attraction. It is also one of the ways of selecting and receiving a foreign culture.

Values of traditional culture

The Coreyah and the Ongals appeared in the Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An 2018. The 6-piece band Coreyah is rather well known in the nation of kimchi. They once won the traditional musical competition organized by KBS. The band crafts a new breed of music that breaks the barrier between traditional and contemporary popular Korean music. They performed Gukak – the Korean national music.

Traditional arts are always attached to most of the Korean cultural events. In the first Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An, Hanbok, wooden clogs, traditional musical instruments and foods were introduced. According to Lee Dae Joong, Director of the South Korean Cultural Centre, traditional arts are always the first selection in their strategy for cultural promotion and the previous pearl that needs preserving.

Conservation of Vietnamese traditional arts

According to Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vuong Duy Bien, it is difficult to preserve traditional arts. The work requires the local attention and investment. It is necessary to find out the local typical type of art in order to have professional and specific solutions to conservation. One more problem of traditional art conservation is the next generations; so it is essential to have special policies in order to attract the talented youth.

Quang Nam has been making every effort to keep traditional arts alive through the programmes of school theatre, students learning about heritages, and community culture in mountainous areas.