Love of pottery


(QNO) - An 83-year-old man from Thanh Ha ward (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) named Nguyen Viet Biet has attached his life to pottery products for 65 years.

Mr. Biet and pottery
Mr. Biet and pottery

Ways for pottery

Mr. Nguyen Viet Biet is not only a pottery artisan who makes pottery but also a person who has found the ways for pottery to everywhere in his country. He was born and grew up in a pottery family in Thanh Ha pottery village.

Having worked with clay since he was a child, Mr. Biet loves pottery. Many years ago when the local pottery market suffered from oversupply, he tried to enlarge his network of markets to other provinces and cities nationwide. Although it was very hard, he was really happy.

In his memory, customers in Northern Vietnam loved Thanh Ha pottery because the food prepared in it was more delicious. Thanks to Mr. Biet’s advertising, Thanh Ha pottery became well-known and consumed more and more. As a result, Thanh Ha villagers’ lives became better.

65 years of travelling

During 65 years of travelling around the country, Mr. Biet has brought Thanh Ha pottery products to everywhere for both retail and wholesale. When he was young, he sailed pottery to distant provinces and cities of the North and South.

Mr. Biet and his wife’s pottery stand
Mr. Biet and his wife’s pottery stand

When he became older, Mr. Biet took his products to the nearer markets in Quang Nam province and Da Nang city by bike. Moreover, Mr. Biet remembered all his customers’ likes and dislikes of pottery; therefore, he could meet their needs and the number of his customers increased considerably.

At the age of 83, Mr. Biet isn’t as healthy as he used to be but he doesn’t give up selling pottery. He and his wife have a pottery stand at Vinh Dien market. He feels proud of his career and Thanh Ha pottery products. He always believes in a brighter day of Thanh Ha pottery.