Painting exhibition in Hoi An


(QNO) – The opening ceremony of Hoi An Convergence painting exhibition has just happened at the Thanh Ha terra-cotta park (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province). Present at the event were painters form Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

Cắt băng triển lãm. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Red ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The exhibition is co-organized by the D.A.N Studio and Thanh Ha terra-cotta park, in collaboration with Limanjawi Art House (Indonesia) and Easel Art Foundation (India). The exhibition consists of 52 paintings of contemporary life drawn by 21 painters (6 Vietnamese, 6 Indonesian, and 9 Indian). It can be said that the exhibition is an international exchange and a convergence of multidimensional beauty.

Các họa sĩ, nghệ sĩ Indonesia trình diễn một trong những điệu nhảy truyền thống của mình giao lưu tại triển lãm. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
An Indonesian traditional dance at the event.

Vietnamese paintings describe the real life such as peaceful villages, alleyways, ecological vegetable gardens, living environment. The Indonesian works reflect their national harmony. Indian pictures introduce spiritual culture to the public. All of them create a special exhibition here.

Các họa sĩ Việt Nam sáng tác tại Công viên đất nung Thanh Hà. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Vietnamese painters at the Thanh Ha terra-cotta park.

According to Director of the Thanh Ha terra-cotta park Nguyen Van Nguyen, it is the first time an international exhibition of paintings has taken place here. The event aims to introduce the images of people, culture and landscapes of Quang Nam and Hoi An to international friends. It also creates a chance of exchange for painters from Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

It is reported that an international Ceramics Festival will be held at the Thanh Ha terra-cotta park in August 2018.

Những tác phẩm đời thường thu hút các em nhỏ. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Children at the exhibition.
Ngõ làng của cuộc sống thật. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
A work of ordinary life.
Đau thương của chiến tranh. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
The painting of pains from wars
Cần một môi trường sạch. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
A painting work at the exhibition.
Các nghệ sỹ cùng giao lưu văn hóa. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Cultural exchange at the event