Professor Tanaka seeks a way for Cua Dai erosion


(QNO) - Prof. Tanaka Hitoshi (from Japan), with his coworkers, has visited Hoi An many times to study causes for Cua Dai beach erosion.

Prof. Tanaka (left) and his coworkers at Cua Dai Beach. Photo: MINH HAI
Prof. Tanaka (left) and his coworkers at Cua Dai beach. Photo: MINH HAI

Prof. Tanaka is now Vice President of Japan’s Civil Engineering Association and Rector of the University of Tohoku, Japan. He has reputation and prestige for flow adjustment and erosion control in Japan and all over the world. Despite tons of work at his hometown, he still devotes his time to the Cua Dai sea. "It may be the 100th time I've been to Hoi An since mid-2015 now," Prof. Tanaka said.

Talking about the recent sand stealing at Cua Dai, Prof. Tanaka evaluated: “Why Singapore spends so much money buying sand while it obviously has sand and beaches? Because they reserve this natural resource for their descendants. Here people are trying to sell it away, how unfortunate!”

The most respectable thing to this professor is his simple life in Hoi An. He pays himself, stays at the dormitory for students, has common meals, etc.  All of the effort and dedication is just simply derived from his love of Hoi An city and the Cua Dai beautiful beach. He always keeps track of the weather in Quang Nam. Whenever there is a storm or northeast monsoon, he comes to Hoi An to set up equipment to record the data on erosion at the Cua Dai beach.  

If you visit Cua Dai beach these days, it is easy to spot the humble tent under the coconut trees behind the Agribank hotel. It is where Prof. Tanaka and his team are diligently collecting data on wave and wind of Cua Dai.

Prof. Tanaka seems always to be there when the Mother Nature’s rage occurs at the beach. Joining him in studying and giving solutions to the Cua Dai erosion is his friend – Prof. Stive Marcel, from the Netherlands who is also famous for coastal landslide control and has greatly contributed to sea invasion prevention in the Netherlands. 

Prof. Tanaka
Prof. Tanaka

To facilitate the research process, Prof. Tanaka used his prestige to raise fund for specialized equipment installed at the estuaries. There are also specialized cameras measuring wind speeds, sea wave intensity, river flows, ocean currents, sand and sludge volume that are swept away by waves, etc.

According to prof. Tanaka, tracing the cause for erosion is not an easy task. It takes time and money much more than the restoration. Many parts of the world have spent approximately a decade investigating the root of the problem. Once the cause is determined, it is easy to find out suitable solutions. Cua Dai erosion is a similar case. If we just build temporary embankment without researches, the problems will become more serious under the domino effect. Money just goes but no result comes in return.

Sea invasion causes landslide in Cua Dai.
Sea invasion causes landslide in Cua Dai.

“Cua Dai is a beautiful beach. It is really hard to find out the reasons for erosion here. We have to make every effort to restore the area, otherwise the beach will disappear and we must be responsible to our future generation”, he concluded.