Quang Nam at the Hung Kings' Temple Festival


(QNO) - On the death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the delegation from Quang Nam province offered its special gifts at the Upper Temple (Đền Thượng) of the Hung Kings’ Temples (Phu Tho province).

Quang Nam’s offerings to the Hung Kings.
Quang Nam’s offerings to the Hung Kings.

The Quang Nam offerings include Ngoc Linh ginseng wine (from Nam Tra My district), Mai Hac tea (from Tam Ky city), glutinous rice cakes, nian gao, green bean cakes (from Hoi An city) and a fruit tray. On this occasion, the Quang Nam delegation presented their potential and advantages to develop tourism, industrial parks, of historical and cultural traditions, especially the ancient town and My Son Sanctuary recognized as the World Cultural Heritages. In the future, Quang Nam will be built to be the key economic region of the Central Vietnam, to maintain national defense and security, and better the systems of education, culture and health care services.

The offering of the gifts to the Hung Kings expressed the deep gratitude to the Kings, showing the moral code: when we eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the trees. At the same time, it was a good chance for Quang Nam to introduce its images to the public such as the art programme named Quang Nam Characteristics with lots of Quang Nam performances such as Bai Choi and opera.

This year, Quang Nam is among 4 provinces (including Quang Nam, Thai Nguyen, Binh Duong and Kien Giang) taking part in the Hung Kings’ death anniversary in Phu Tho province.