Quang Nam: Environmental protection for sustainable development of tourism


(QNO) - At the beginning of June 2018, the campaign to protect the local environment was launched in Quang Nam to respond to the World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, and Vietnam Seas and Islands Week 2018. The event especially focused on plastic waste.

A corner of Cham Islands
A corner of Cham Islands

Quang Nam tourism is gaining the strong development momentum with several big coastal projects of recreation areas and resorts from Hoi An city to Nui Thanh district. Environmental protection becomes a hot problem here when plastic waste has given bad impacts to human health, tourism and socioeconomic development.

The campaign against plastic waste has appealed to both locals and visitors for protecting environment by limiting using plastic bags and not throwing waste uncontrolledly.

It is not the first campaign on environment protection in Quang Nam. In May 2009, the campaign of saying no to plastic bags took place in Cham Islands, Hoi An city. The success of this campaign contributes to raising the locals’ awareness of environmental protection, making Cham Islands and the World Biosphere Reserve more attractive and impressive to visitors, helping the development of ecotourism here and increasing the locals’ income based on tourism.

From the ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’ in Cham Islands, the campaign has been expanded to everywhere in Quang Nam. The deed is really necessary because Quang Nam is carrying out different types of tourism and several tourism projects are being invested in the province. Environmental protection is always a big problem when there is more than 1000 tons of garbage (plastic accounting for 10%) thrown into environment every day. Besides the processing of garbage, Quang Nam has launched some campaigns to make the environment green, clean and beautiful by limiting plastic waste, planting trees, dredging drainage and river systems… In addition, Quang Nam focuses on developing clean industry, meeting environmental standards.