Quang Nam: heritages and tourism development


(QNO) - Heritages have positively contributed to Quang Nam tourism development after a lot of efforts of conservation and restoration.

Visitors to Hoi An ancient town.
Visitors to Hoi An ancient town.

Good fruit of heritages

Hoi An tourism started in August 1991 when the first hotel was built here; however, the number of visitors to Hoi An was rather limited during the 1990s. My Son Sanctuary was even worse. Toba Mika, a Japanese painter visiting My Son in this period said that she didn’t think there was several towers under her feet. My Son Sanctuary at that time was covered by weeds.

After over 20 years of preservation, restoration and promotion of heritage values, Quang Nam received some certain achievements in tourism and tourism development. Heritages become the lever of provincial tourism growth. Several local products have been well-known nationwide and worldwide and make positive identification of Quang Nam province. Cao Lau (Hoi An), Quang noodles, Cau Mong veal and rice with chicken are of top 100 best Vietnamese dishes by CNN. Hoi An ancient town is of the world best destinations by Travel&Leisure and honoured on Google Doodle. Several poor areas including Cham Islands, Cam Thanh commune, An Bang village have become famous tourist destinations.

Quang Nam heritages: past and present

In the past, Hoi An was a small town of Quang Nam province, poor and gloomy. When it was recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO, Hoi An ancient town seemed to revive. This heritage has helped change the appearance of the city and the local life through services and tourism activities.

In Duy Xuyen district where My Son Sanctuary is located, heritage preservation and restoration has woken the ancient towers up. There are more and more visitors to this heritage area.