Quang Nam photo heritage


Cultural heritages in Quang Nam are extremely rich and diverse, exposed in both tangible and intangible cultural features. They are illustrated more in photos.

Hoi An ancient town. Photo: cand.com.vn
Hoi An ancient town. Photo: cand.com.vn

According to researchers, Quang Nam photography was born in Hoi An with the opening of the Thien Chon Cat photo store in 1912.

Several Hoi An photographers have won many prestigious photography awards. It is recorded that Mr. Truong Trung was given the first prize at the Indochina photo contest in 1940.

Mr. Huynh So won a prize at Paris photo contest in 1953. Then, it was the turn of Truong Thiep, Vinh Tan… awarded in France, Japan and Hong Kong.

Quang Nam culture has been documented by photos for over 100 years. All the aspects of Quang Nam society have been vividly manifested in photos which has become a heritage.

Quang Nam photo heritage is a result of the contribution of photographers living not just in Quang Nam but everywhere in Vietnam.

Talks about Quang Nam photography
Talks about Quang Nam photography

The values of the Quang Nam photo heritage lie in photos of heritages, documentary photos and family photos carrying historical values.

According to culturalist Phung Tan Dong, Hoi An photos are considered as cultural anthropological materials that are extremely valuable in the preservation of traditional cultural values.

The Quang Nam photo heritage has been preserved for years. Many conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and collections have been organized.

As a result, the members of the Quang Nam association of photographers have won 4 awards from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. They have also been given several Certificates of Merit by the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee.

An idea of building a photography museum in order to preserve this valuable resource has been approved.