Save My Son tower clusters


(QNO) - According to the Management Board (MB) of My Son relics, some tower clusters of the relics have already been urgently propped with the help of experts and scientists while waiting for comprehensive and sustainable conservation projects. Earlier, the MB has reported the status of these tower clusters to Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Quang Nam MB of Relics and Beautiful landscapes.

A propped tower   (Source:
A propped tower (Source:

Specifically, the components which were at risk of being separated from the main buildings like doors, walls,… of the towers B4, C3, E6, E8 have been temporarily propped. The props help make the original architecture intact or undamaged.

Reportedly, Government will spend about VND 90 billion restoring the tower clusters B, C, D in the period of 2016-2020 after a careful survey in 2016.