Solar energy in rural areas


Binh Quy commune is the first place of Thang Binh district (Quang Nam province) to use solar energy to lighten rural roads.

Solar lamps in Binh Quy commune
Solar lamps in Binh Quy commune

The system of solar lamps in Binh Quy commune is invested by the State and acclaimed by the residents there. As using solar energy, the lamps are always brightening in spite of power cut and completely free of charge.

Thanks to the solar lamp system, the travelling in the evening and at night in the commune becomes more convenient. People are no longer afraid of troubles or incidents in the roads.

Binh Quy commune has spent VND150 million installing 72 solar lamps on 3.6 kilometres of DT612 (from Ba Ven spring) and DH8 (from Binh Quy T-junction to Doc Soi).

It is the main roads of the commune; so, the installation of lighting system is necessary.

It is expected that solar energy will be used more to lighten the rural roads and lanes in the commune. The solar lamp system in Binh Quy commune is automatically turned and off, depending on the installation.