"South Korean Cultural Days" in Quang Nam province

Source: infonet.vn |

(QNO) - “South Korean Cultural Days” takes place in Hoi An ancient town and An Hoi Sculpture Garden on 11 and 12 March. The information has been reported from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.

Accordingly, there are various activities consisting of the fashion of Hanbok made of paper, South Korean traditional and contemporary art performances by South Korean artists such as famous group of Sachoom & Bibap among others. Besides, people can also contemplate the South Korea-Hoi An lantern art and enjoy typical foods of the two countries: Vietnam and South Korea.

“South Korean Cultural Days” held by the Quang Nam province’s authority, South Korean Embassy and South Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam is part of the 25th Anniversary of Vietnam-South Korea Diplomatic Relations (22 December,1992 - 22 December 2017). It aims to better the cooperation in many fields between the two sides.

It is a good opportunity for the Hoi An city to propagate its cultural beauty to tourists, especially the South Koreans and confirm its festive city, a place connecting the cultures in the world.

Source: infonet.vn