Submerged breakwater in Hoi An sea


An over 200-metre submerged breakwater has been built to protect Cua Dai beach (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) from big waves.

Cua Dai offshore submerged breakwater construction
Cua Dai offshore submerged breakwater construction

Offshore beach protection

The breakwater is parallel to and 250 metres from Cua Dai shoreline. It is made of rock and concreate. The breakwater is 4.5m high, submerged approximately 1.5 metres below the surface.

It has a 12-metre bottom and 1.5-metre top. When the breakwater coming into operation this October, it will help protect Cua Dai beach from erosion due to big waves.

It is reported that the Cua Dai offshore breakwater is part of the project on breakwater system in Hoi An sea with over 1000 billions dongs. The project is expected to come into operation by 2025.

It is the first time Quang Nam has built an offshore submerged breakwater in hope of restoring the beach and beautiful landscape of Cua Dai beach.


Repair to a breakwater in North Cua Dai beach
Repair to a breakwater in North Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai beach has been in the state of serious erosion for years. There have been several solutions to this problem but the effect is temporary.

Therefore, the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee (PPC) in combination with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has deployed a project on anti-erosion and sustainable coastal restoration of Cua Dai beach.

The project is expected to be a perfect solution to the severe erosion of Cua Dai beach.

Besides, the businesses in the area of Cua Dai beach have also had some solutions to the erosion there in order to protect the infrastructure and their property.

Besides building the offshore submerged breakwater invested by the PPC, Hoi An has spent approximately VND1 billion to repair and upgrade the breakwater in the north of Cua Dai beach.