Sustainable development of heritages


(QNO) - A conference on evaluation of the conservation and promotion of Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary and Cham Islands – Hoi An world biosphere reserve was held in Quang Nam on September 7. The event attracted more than 200 national and international delegates. It was also an opportunity to meet individuals who had made great contributions to Quang Nam’s heritage conservation and development over the past 20 years.

Quang Nam leaders and Italian experts Patricia Zolese (L), who has a great contribution to Quang Nam heritage conservation
Quang Nam leaders and Italian experts Patricia Zolese (L), who has a great contribution to Quang Nam heritage conservation

Attachment to community benefits

In 2018, Hoi An city welcomed more than 4 million domestic and foreign visitors. According to Deputy Chairman of the Hoi An city’s People’s Committee Nguyen Van Son, Hoi An has become an attractive destination where culture is considered as a driving force for the development of tourism economy. At the same time, tourism development promotes sustainable economic development and improves local lives.

Based on cultural and natural resources, especially after Hoi An ancient town being recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO, Hoi An has been determined to become an eco-cultural tourism city.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Duy Xuyen district’s People’s Committee said My Son is on tourist map of Quang Nam and Central Vietnam because the heritage has been effectively managed, conserved and promoted, especially after UNESCO’s recognition of My Son Sanctuary as a world cultural heritage. Duy Xuyen will continue to mobilize local people, heritage communities and tourists to join hands to protect My Son's natural landscapes and environment.

My Son Sanctuary. Photo: checkindanang
My Son Sanctuary. Photo: checkindanang

According to Director of the Management Board of Cham Islands’ Marine Protected Area Tran Thi Thuy Hong, how to bring benefits to local people and well support the sustainable development strategy of Hoi An city from the title of biosphere is really important.

Sustainable development promotion

At the conference, Head of UNESCO office in Vietnam Michael Croft said Quang Nam is a special partner of his office. Quang Nam’s practical experience is really significant to international friends. The development and promotion of heritages have created a comprehensive development society.

Chairman of Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu affirmed the great contributions of experts, scientists, central and international agencies to Quang Nam heritages preservation and promotion in the past 20 years.