The beauty of Vietnamese ethnic groups through lens of Rehahn Croquevielle


French photographer Rehahn Croquevielle expressed his love of Vietnam through photos he has taken throughout the country, especially the unique cultural features of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Photographer Rehahn Croquevielle and Ly Ca Su - a woman of La Hu ethnic group in Vietnam. Photo: Rehahn Photographer.
Photographer Rehahn Croquevielle and Ly Ca Su - a woman of La Hu ethnic group in Vietnam. Photo: Rehahn Photographer.

Rehahn Croquevielle was born and grew up in Normandy, France. Until now, he has visited more than 35 countries and territories around the world to satisfy his passion for tourism and photography.

He decided to live and work in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province after coming to Vietnam in 2011. Rehahn is proud of being one of a few foreigners who have visited most of regions of Vietnam.

Rehahn Croquevielle has learned about unique cultural and religious traditions as well as the beauty of Vietnamese people during his “adventures” throughout Vietnam. So, Rehahn’s Precious Heritage Project includes the photos of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Rehahn is considered the person “capturing the souls of his models”. People in his photos wear their traditional costumes and keep their  habits and customs, creating a beautiful feature of the Vietnamese people.

Rehahn Croquevielle’s photo collections of Vietnamese ethnic groups have been displayed at major exhibitions in Vietnam as well as in many countries around the world. Many among these photos have appeared in the world’s famous travel magazines such as: National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler ...

French photographer Rehahn shared: “My greatest joy is to explore and learn about the cultural treasures of Vietnamese ethnic groups. I do not want to be just a photographer but also to be the one who contributes to preserving and honoring those unique cultural values ”.

Rehahn’s Precious Heritage Museum and art gallery has been freely opened in Hoi An ancient town since 2017, telling the stories he learns about Vietnam’s ethnic communities through 3 languages: French, English and Vietnamese.

Besides, with the support of local authority, a Co Tu cultural museum was built in Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province by Rehahn. This place is to display images and artifacts to retrace the Co Tu culture, connect and introduce cultures of ethnic groups each other.

In addition, Rehahn’s Giving Back Project aims to supports disadvantaged children, the elderly and the ethnic minorities of Vietnam. They are the main characters in his works. This fund is from selling his photos.

In addition to the Precious Heritage Project, Rehahn Croquevielle also works on other photography projects such as “Hidden Smiles” or “Ageless Beauty” via his journey of exploration of the beauty of Vietnam’s daily life and people.