The grand final of Miss Art Asia 2020


(QNO) - The grand final of Miss Art Asia 2020 will take place in Tam Ky city of Quang Nam province in June 2020.


The Miss Art Asia 2020 is lasting from July 2019 to June 2020. During the event, there are a lot of cultural and artistic exchanges among students and the youth from different Asian countries and art universities.

The winner of each part of this beauty contest is being voted online. Besides honoring Asian girls’ beauties and artistic talents, the contest is a good chance for Quang Nam to introduce its culture, landscapes and people to the public both inside and outside Vietnam.

Quang Nam leaders promise to try their best to give SY MEDIA Co. Ltd. their support so that the grand final of Miss Art Asia 2020 in Tam Ky will be successful.