The road for Quang Nam silk


(QNO) - Vietnam international silk and brocade festival gives Quang Nam silk an opportunity to connect with other national and international silk centers.

Silk production in Quang Nam.
Silk production in Quang Nam.


The 5th Vietnam international silk and brocade festival takes place in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province with the participation of the International Silk Association, Silk Associations of Asia and Japan, Mekong Institute, representatives from 8 countries and Vietnamese traditional silk and brocade craft villages.

The festival aims to honour the traditional silk weaving, make exchanges between Vietnamese and foreign silk, look for new markets for Vietnamese silk. It is also a chance for traditional Vietnamese silk villages to revive and develop.

Hoi An silk village is always connecting to the International Silk Association in order to promote its trade name and enlarge the market. Vietnam is now doing business with some silk cities in the world such as Como (Italia), Lyon (France), Hangzhou (China), Kyoto (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), and Siem Reap (Cambodia). At the same time, it also helps restore, preserve and promote traditional cultural values of silk villages, modernize the silk production, which contributes to the rural socioeconomic development.

Silk river

The dream of a “silk river” along the Thu Bon river is reflected in the festival 2019. This special river will be a unique tourist destination in Quang Nam, where visitors can enjoy the fresh air and the green colour of the mulberry gardens, the process of unravel silkworm cocoons and weaving silk.

The silk festival 2019 not only helps connect silk centres around the world, restore traditional silk villages but also becomes a tourism product.