The story of silk


(QNO) - The 5th International Silk and Brocade Festival is planned in Hoi An in mid-August. It will be the chance for Vietnamese and foreign artisans to perform their weaving skills and products.

Silk and brocade, precious products need to be honoured. Photo: Hoian Silk Village.
Silk and brocade, precious products need to be honoured. Photo: Hoian Silk Village.

Following the silk lines

Machines, looms, silk and brocade will go with talented people from craft villages to Hoi An. According to Director of Quang Nam Silk Joint Stock Company Le Thai Vu, the festival will be a place for advertising, selling and buying raw materials for silk production and silk products. At the same time, the festival has also a space for exhibition of equipment, scientific and technical appliances used in silk production and for silk development projects.

Handmade silk made by different craft villages has different beauties. So, silk is not only a precious heritage but also the essence and pride that every Vietnamese has.

Japanese experts used to regard Bao Loc as the best place in Vietnam to make silk. According to Secretary General of the Silk Association Fei Jianming, Vietnam has the best foundation of silk industry with longtime craft villages among the Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam has exported more silk yarns than Japan and China, more raw silk than Cambodia and Thailand.

The path is still long

Vietnam has more potential in the silk industry rather than exporting raw materials. The festival that will be held in Hoi An in August is expected to pave the way for silk, a specialty which is inherently noble but extremely fragile.

Mentioning brocade, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that brocade conservation and development was not only an economic opportunity but also a mission because it was an important, sacred, inherited heritage in the community of 54 ethnic groups. Along with Vietnamese silk, different brocade types woven and dyed with different techniques of different ethnic cultures make the unique values of brocade. So, brocade is not just a product of culture, craft villages but the embodiment of a lifestyle, living activities, a tradition, and a pride of a nation.

In brocade, it can be found the harmony between human beings and nature. It is the saying by Designer Minh Hanh, who has brought Vietnamese brocade abroad, putting it in a higher position in fashion.

In the new era, traditional products such as silk and brocade do not stop at the talented hands of artisans. Science and technology will gradually help to build a brand for new products, paving the way for silk and brocade products to domestic and foreign markets.