Tourism development based on Co Tu cultural values


(QNO) - The Co Tu Nam Giang community tourism project has gained some achievements such as improving the local income and their lives, raising their awareness of environmental protection and cultural restoration and preservation in the Co Tu ethnic minority.

Co Tu traditional cultural values are being preserved.
Co Tu traditional cultural values are being preserved.


The Co Tu community tourism model in Ta Bhing commune (Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province) which was supported by the Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR) is one of the most highly appreciated projects. Thanks to the project, the ethnic lives have changed supportively; their income has been improved. The project has also helped people to access the market, find partners to advertise and sell their agricultural products, handicrafts and brocade.

The developing of tourism attached to preserving traditional culture and promoting local resources is the main purpose of this tourism project; so, the reception has to comply with some specific regulations. Coming here, visitors can experience the Co Tu cultural activities, enjoy their traditional food, see brocade weaving in Zara village, and experience the local daily life. Visitors to the Co Tu villages are really interested in the local cultural values. The success of the project has made the residents proud of their cultural values.


It can be said that the Co Tu - Nam Giang community tourism project has achieved some certain objectives that are reflected in the local sympathy. Thanks to the project, the local living quality has been raised considerably. Up to now, all the stages of tourism development are locally proactive. The local natural, social and cultural resources are exploited in control on the basis of respect, conservation and development.

In fact, post-project management always plays an important role in maintaining the project’s achievements. Although the Co Tu community tourism project finished two years ago, it still runs in association with travel agencies, so the number of visitors to the project is always kept on. According to Deputy Director General of Tourism Ha Van Sieu, community tourism should be run by the community and for their benefits. It is the reasons for sustainable tourism development which will entail the growth of the local economy. However, economic development needs to respect the local cultural values.