Traditional value promotion


(QNO) - Co Tu wicker products with modern designs and high applicability have been sold in different markets. In addition, Co Tu brocade is also popular with consumers. 

Co Tu wicker products
Co Tu wicker products

Bamboo and rattan products

Wicker bags and baskets made by Co Tu ethnic people in Quang Nam province can be used as souvenirs or daily items. They also become more and more attractive to consumers thanks to their environmental friendliness.

According to Vice President of Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (Vietcraft) Le Ba Ngoc, there are now 64 Co Tu wicker products that are redesigned to meet customers’ needs and tastes. They are sold in Dong Giang district and Tam Ky city of Quang Nam province, Da Nang city and other places.

Wicker products of bamboo, rattan and leaves are considered Co Tu traditional handicrafts that are very significant in the locals’ daily life. To make such a product requires the high patience and long suffering.

It is the project on sustainable improvement of livelihood in ethnic communities through their bamboo and rattan wicker products and medicinal herbs for biodiversity conservation in Quang Nam financed by Vietcraft and the USAID Green Annamite Project that helps Co Tu people recognize the values of their products. Using these products also contributes to environmental protection; so, they become more and more popular in the market.

Story of brocade

Co Tu ethnic communities are trying their best to study fashion trends, share their materials, techniques and market information to actualize the dream of bringing brocade to everywhere but not its birthplace.

There is now a network of 8 brocade weaver groups in the Quang Nam mountainous area. Their products are exhibited in fairs in Quang Nam, Da Nang and other places, which is a new poke so that Co Tu brocade products are known and used widely. According to designers, Co Tu brocade is unique, so the costumes made of Co Tu brocade will be eye-catching and attractive.

Brocade weaving is one of the Co Tu women’s traditional cultural activities. All the patterns and decorations on brocade reflect daily activities and nature, so they are close to people. Recognizing the values of Co Tu brocade can help it go out of its village, bring benefits to its weavers and preserve this traditional craft.