Two biggest bronze drums casted by Phuoc Kieu village


(QNO) - Two new bronze drums have recently been casted by artisan Duong Ngoc Thang - Director of Phuoc Kieu Company Ltd and 40 casters of Phuoc Kieu bronze casting craft village (Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province). Each drum is 700kg in weight, 1.1m in height, 25cm in diameter and 1cm in thickness.

One of two new bronze drums
One of two new bronze drums

“To cast two bronze drums by traditional method, 40 casters have worked very hard since December 2015, from making mould, creating designs on the face of the drums, pouring bronze materials into the pattern to perfect the products. These drums are reproductions of Ngoc Lu bronze drum with sophisticated designs. At the center of the tympanum is a 12- ray star surrounded by human, animal and geometrical designs. The drum’s body is decorated with the images of birds, animals and geometrical designs”, said Artisan Duong Ngoc Thang, Director of Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village company, Ltd.

These are two biggest bronze drums  to be casted successfully by Phuoc Kieu bronze casting craft village. They are ordered by the Sun Group and will be displayed at Ba Na Hill.