Usuda ReiKo and Hoi An


(QNO) - Former General Secretary of the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association of Kawasaki city (Japan) Usuda ReiKo has fallen in love with Hoi An ancient town and seen it as her second native land.

Ms Usuda ReiKo in U- café Hội An
Ms Usuda ReiKo in U- café Hội An

Usuda ReiKo is living at 120 Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, Cam Chau ward, Hoi An city, where her U-café is located. At this address, she has helped a lot of the disadvantaged, opening vocational training courses and language classes, teaching street children the way of behaving… ReiKo is also the bridge between Vietnam and Japan. More than 10 thousand bicycles and office supplies have been sent to poor students in Da Nang city and Quang Nam province from Japanese individuals and societies. She has helped to advertise the brocade products made by Co Tu ethnic minorities in Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province. In addition, ReiKo is financing and dealing with the output of Vo Tan Tan’s project of bamboo bikes for export. Currently, ReiKo is working with some groups of students from the University of Danang and from the Japan – Vietnam Friendship Association to deal with water pollution in the Hoai river (Hoi An city).

For the U-café, it is the place for her and her friends to exchange information about charity. Interestingly, the house is a unique structure with it roof designed to be a big water container where the rain water is caught to be used for some purposes such as raising fish and watering plants.