Visiting DHRoong brocade weaving village


(QNO) - DHRoong brocade weaving village (Ta Lu commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province) locates in the crowded highway 14G. In front of the house for brocade production and exhibition, a group of Co Tu women in the traditional costume are weaving colourful brocade. The brocade products such as bags, shawls and clothes displayed here are very attractive to tourists.

Co Tu women studiously weaving brocade. Photo:
Co Tu women studiously weaving brocade. Photo:

This brocade weaving village was set up in 2003 by the financial support from the Government of Luxembourg for traditional weaving techniques and display house. The local residents were also trained to communicate and sell products for their income. Mrs Alang Thi Hon (30 years old) said the Co Tu women were taught to weave when they were children by their mothers. However,  their products were just served their family. Nobody thought that the products would be sold to tourists as now. Since Mrs Hon worked in DHRoong brocade weaving village (along with about 30 other women), she has earned some more money for her family. According to Hon, foreign tourists dropping into this village are interested in learning about the way to make the local brocade and buying the souvenirs. Besides, their brocade products are sold in Hoi An city. If the products are sold well, it will also be a way to keep the traditional weaving.

Making brocade products is a masterstroke. According to Bling Thi Non (24 year-old) in this village, it takes 3 days to make a simple product such as a string of jacket or a cell phone bag. At present, there are 30 kinds of brocade products displayed and sold here.