Zero-VND market in Thang Binh


In order to support local people with necessities amid Covid-19, a charitable group headed by Phan Van Duc (Chau Lam hamlet, Binh Tri commune, Thang Binh district) has opened the Zero-VND market with the support from sponsors.

A Zero-VND market in Thang Binh
A Zero-VND market in Thang Binh

The market is a place where people can choose what they really need without payment.

Since the new coronavirus (Covid-19) happened again, many people in Thang Binh have faced difficulties in travelling and jobs.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu (Ngu Xa hamlet, Binh Chanh commune, Thang Binh district), one of the local people who have received notes for Zero-VND market was very happy.

Coming to this market, she was freely given not only food but also face masks and hand-washing disinfectant - essential items in the fight against Covid-19.

Thu said: “There are many items to choose at this market. I am very happy. For every market note, I just get enough food for my family in 3 days”.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Xuan - Ngu Xa hamlet, Binh Chanh commune, Thang Binh district- said: “I just choose what I really need in this market. Thank you”.

Today, Zero-VND market in Ngu Xa hamlet attracts 60 households; most of them are poor. About 1.5 tons of vegetables, fish, eggs and hundreds of cans of milk, face masks and bottles of hand-washing disinfectant has reached to local people.

According to Mr. Phan Van Duc, head of Phan Duc charitable group, tons of vegetables coming to the market from Dalat contribute to help many people overcome the difficulties due to Covid-19.

Since the end of July, 2020, there have been 5 sessions of Zero- VND market held in various communes of Thang Binh. Besides fixed fairs, there are also mobile fairs to reach households in different hamlets.

Up to now, more than 10 tons of basic necessities have been distributed to hundreds of households in Thang Binh.

Phan Van Duc shared, Zero-VND market in Thang Binh will be maintained until the Covid-19 disappears.