Zoram Bang and brocade weaving


(QNO) - Zoram Bang was born and grew up in Cong Don village, Zuoih commune (Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province). She is encouraging the younger generation in Co Tu brocade weaving - her family’s traditional career.

Zoram Bang and her products
Zoram Bang and her products

The leading bird

Zoram Bang is very skilled in weaving brocade. She is also creative, so the pieces of brocade weaved by Zoram are extremely fine. She is well-known for her contributions to preserving the traditional brocade weaving of Co Tu people in Cong Don village.

Making acquaintance with brocade weaving when she was a child, Zoram loves it. Like all Co Tu women, she is very pride of Co Tu brocade, the hand-made products made by the love and creation. Patterns on Co Tu brocade are quite varied. They are flowers, leaves, dancing people. Besides colorful threads, glass breads are used to make the brocade more beautiful and sophisticated.

Co Tu brocade expresses Co Tu daily activities, reflecting Co Tu culture. The black refers to the soil, red to the sun and people’s aspirations, and yellow to the light.

Fire of passion

Zoram’s products are various. Besides pieces of brocades, she can make bags, hammocks, curtains, scarfs, head-scarfs, table cloths… They are beautiful, so many people want to buy them. Then she decides to make brocade products for sale.

Her products become more and more popular with both Co Tu people and others. Tourists also want her products for their souvenirs, so the demands of brocade products increase. She instructs the local women in making beautiful brocade products. She encourages and teaches Co Tu young girls the techniques of brocade weaving. She hopes brocade can better their lives and they will love weaving brocade, keep it forever.