CCIBV pledges to accompany Vietnam in boosting green growth


Brussels (VNA) – Green growth is significant to Vietnam and other developing countries, especially in the transitional period, according to Frédéric Nguyen, member of the Executive Board of the Belgium-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIBV). 

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

Granting an interview to Vietnam News Agency, Nguyen, who is also Advisor at Cabinet of the Federal Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy and Employment of Belgium, pointed to two major factors supporting green growth – human resources and the willing to make in-depth changes. 

He said that Vietnam should focus on responding to climate changes and make good preparations for natural disasters and flooding in the future. 

According to Nguyen, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries are facing challenges in securing green growth due to severe impacts from climate changes, natural disasters, pandemic and many other external factors. 

He suggested that Vietnam can learn from Belgium’s experience in optimising public-private partnership in flood prevention and control. 

Stressing that green growth must be closely associated with sustainable agricultural development, he said that the CCIBV hopes to support Vietnam in this field, aiming to help Vietnamese farmers increase income in parallel with environmental protection. 

The CCIBV will equip households running small-scaled agricultural production with knowledge in developing a sustainable value chain in production from the stage of soil selection to production and marketing. 

The project will be implemented in many phases, with the first one focusing on small-scaled farmer households, he said, adding that due to COVID-19 impacts, the project has yet to be launched./. 



Vietnamese children to be equipped with climate change, disaster response skills


(QNO) - Hanoi (VNA) – The Embassy of Japan and UNICEF Vietnam has announced a four-year project to enhance resilience to disaster risks and climate change for children.

Japan, UNICEF to help Vietnam enhance resilience to disaster risks, climate change for children


Hanoi (VNA) – The Embassy of Japan and UNICEF Vietnam on November 17 signed an exchange of notes for a project on “enhancing resilience to disaster risks and climate change for children”, which runs in Vietnam from 2021 – 2026.

ASEAN to face numerous challenges due to climate change: report


Hanoi (VNA) - ASEAN is at risk of losing over 35 percent of its GDP by 2050 from climate change and natural hazards, severely impacting key sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and fishing, along with human health and labour productivity, according to a report jointly conducted by Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU Singapore) and University of Glasgow.