5,300 visitors to Quang Nam in 2017

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(QNO) - Recently, the Board of Culture and Society, under the Quang Nam People’s Council, has met the provincial Department of Culture – Sports - Tourism to evaluate the implementation of duties in 2017.

 5,300 visitors to Quang Nam (Source: dulichvn.org.vn)
5,300 visitors to Quang Nam (Source: dulichvn.org.vn)

This year, the Department has achieved some outstanding results in the propaganda and co-ordination in organizing important major holidays and events of the province such as 42 years of provincial liberation day; 20 years of re-establishment; the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival; activities within APEC 2017 … Thanks to the success in the propaganda, promotion, association and co-operation in tourism, the total number of travelers visiting and staying in Quang Nam has been 5,300, up to 13,7% compared to the same period last year.

The Department also requested the People’s Council to bring the tasks of preservation and promotion of culture of ethnic minorities in the period 2018-2025, support for community-based tourism development by 2025, adjustment of Resolution no. 26 on cultural development planning in the period of 2012-2015 into the working program 2018.

(Source: baoquangnam.vn)