A diversity of Hoi An tourism products


(QNO) - New tourism products are determined as the solution to Hoi An tourism in 2018, making a breakthrough in tourist attractions.

Visitors to Hoi An on the first days of the new year
Visitors to Hoi An on the first days of the new year

Highlights of Hoi An tourism

Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) is very impressive and attractive to visitors, especially foreigners. Its green and peaceful atmosphere goes into poetry, music and painting. Rainer Hocmuth, a German musician praised Hoi An for its beauty in his song titled "Hoi An, you're beautiful".

It is likely that the festival takes place every day here, which is also a premise of Hoi An tourism development. There were several significant activities of culture and tourism happening here in 2017 such as the Light Festival, South Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An, Hoi An International Marathon, Quang Nam Heritage Festival, and marginal activities of APEC CEO Summit 2017. Hoi An has also been completed with original tourism products to make it the best attractive destination in Vietnam and the ASEAN. There will be two new tourism products of international stature introduced to the public in 2018. They are the performances of contemporary folk music and the Hoi An Memory.

New ways to Hoi An tourism development

It is the people's simple life, friendliness and hospitality that makes Hoi An unique and attractive. Hoi An has established a lot of good relationships with domestic and foreign cities and provinces, which are illustrated by the German Beer Festival held by the Germans from Wernigerrode city (Germany) and the International Food Festival 2018 with the participation of several world famous cooks. Besides, a lot of new tourism products will be launched this year such as Cam Nam and Cam Kim models of community-based tourism, Cam Thanh nipa forest, traditional craft villages, tourism activities in Cham Islands including Night in the Isle, walking underwater, and sightseeing around the islands. Specially, tourism development must be accompanied by bio-diversity conservation and preservation of traditional villages' lifestyle.