A wonderful day in Cham Islands


Cham Islands (Quang Nam province) is a tourism destination which brings new and exciting experiences to visitors in summer vacation.

Photo: Simzzzi_. 

Travelers can go to Cham Islands by canoes from Cua Dai port of Hoi An city. It is a chance for them to enjoy the space of sunshine, wind and contemplate green islands of Hon Dai, Hon Mo ...

Photo: Simzzzi_.

Cham Islands – a UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserve locates in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. 

Cham Islands consists of 8 islands with diverse marine ecosystems including coral reefs, seaweed beds, seagrass and seafood. Photo: Stellamarisbeach.

Photo: Stellamarisbeach.
Photo: Tadiha.

Tan Hiep market (Cham Islands) is a place where visitors can buy fresh and dried seafood and learn about the people’s life in fishing villages.

Photo: Riba.kate 

A visitor is contemplating colourful corals in Cham Islands.

Pristine beauty, fine and white sand beaches here make visitors pleased and happy. Photo: Culaochamtour
Thrilling games attract many young people. Photo: Tuannguyentravel
Relaxing time and wonderful experience in Cham Islands.