Agritourism in Thanh Dong


(QNO) - Over the last two years, a group of farmers in Thanh Dong hamlet (Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) have been trained and instructed to become tour guides in their vegetable fields by the Action Center for City Development (ACCD) and Hoi An city’s Economic Department.

A farmer “lecturing” on organic vegetable. Photo: H.Lien
A farmer “lecturing” on organic vegetable. Photo: H.Lien

Vegetable gardening experience

At present, the organic vegetable fields in Thanh Dong hamlet are not only known as a trade name of safe vegetable but also a destination in Hoi An. The name Thanh Dong begins to appear in the destination list of “Visiting Bay Mau coconut forest” tour by some travel companies. Coming here, tourists can enjoy, exchange  and experience gardening as real farmers in vegetable fields, from the preparation of land to seeding and growing sprouts. Ms Katherine Chappel (a tourist from America), who firstly came to Thanh Dong and experienced on the field shared: “It’s very tired but very funny and exciting. This is the first time I can grow vegetable. Your motherland is very beautiful”.

According to Pham Van Chuc-  Vice Leader of Thanh Dong organic vegetable field,  vegetable can be sold in their labeled bags. If tourists want to cook on the spot, the local farmers will also be ready to help them.  

Tourists on the vegetable field
Tourists on the vegetable field

Opening the services

“If Thanh Dong hamlet is planned on tourism development in groups of households, we will deploy  another model of planting organic vegetable intersecting with tourism in An My bloc, Cam Chau ward in the next time”, said Ms Nguyen Thanh Van, Head of Hoi An city’s Economic Department.

Because this is a new destination, the popularization, infrastructure investment, diversification of tourism products and souvenirs, service quality must be attached special importance.