Attracting tourists to My Son Sanctuary


(QNO) - In the past time, Duy Xuyen district’s authority and My Son Relics and Tourism Management Board invested in infrastructure, diversified the models of services to attract tourists to this world cultural heritage.

Performing folk cultural act in My Son.
Performing folk cultural act in My Son.

The tourists’ walking in the streets of this area is popular now. Mr Jun Joong, a tourist from South Korea shared: “I like to walk under the shade of the trees to feel more about a sacred and fanciful space built by the ancients. I think  walking will limit vehicles, the impacts from the outside to keep these towers alive”. According to My Son Relics and Tourism Management Board, the tracks around My Son Sanctuary have been upgraded, which helps tourists easier in their new experiences in this holy land, a buffer step to a series of environmentally friendly tourism services.

Since 2010, tourist arrivals to My Son have reached 1.2 million, an annual average has increased of 4.45%.  The international tourists have increased by 8.67%. The annual turnover  has been about 10 billion VND. But since 2013, this turnover has been 20 billion VND. The traditional markets  such as North Europe, Australia, Japan are maintained stable and the new markets have been expanded to South Korea, Thailand, China, Southeast Asian countries, tourists speaking Chinese…

Mr Phan Ho- Head of My Son Relics and Tourism Management Board said tourists in My Son Sanctuary are served with a range of folk cultures accompanied with modern services such as transfer trams, e-ticket checking port. For souvenir or fine arts handicraft products, their specific features such as pottery, Cham brocade, My Son Sandstone are paid more attention. Especially, in the last 5 years, My Son Sanctuary and the district rich in cultural potentials Duy Xuyen have become materials to write many books and to make several documentary films.

Also according to Phan Ho, up to 2020, the infrastructure will be strengthened. The service products will be renovated. Cham cultural  performances in the space of this relic will be kept. Looking for more symbols  of Champa intangible cultures  will be noticed.

Otherwise, My Son Relics and Tourism Management Board will consolidate, train, complement the professional cadres, officers in order to better their capacity of tourism advertisement and promotion, that of attracting and deploying investment projects to international organizations, foreign and domestic businesses.